About Our Pepper Sauce Company

The idea for Oso Pepper Company began with the belief that a pepper sauce should convey more than just the sensation of your mouth being on fire. The flavor should convey the taste of the pepper itself.

Back in 2008 when Myra and I began our garden, we never thought that it would grow from a hobby to a full-fledged pepper company. All we planned to do that summer was create a little garden that would provide us with a mix of fruits, vegetables, and herbs for our family’s table. Then our produce production got out of hand. It seems pepper plants are extremely prolific in the amount of fruit they produce.

We were left to answer the question, what is one to do with so many pounds of peppers? With help from my mother-in-law, we decided to bottle the fruit from which our Chili Sauce and Surf Sauce were born. We were successful in our efforts. People far and wide began to send inquiries about how they could get some of our homemade sauces too.

So from our humble backyard garden in the late summer of 2012 sprang Oso Pepper Company. Our family thanks you for your interest in Oso Pepper Company products, and we hope that you take a minute to spread the word about our fantastic products with your friends and family.

Of course, Oso Pepper Company is not just about our family. As a family-owned business, we are committed to serving our community through service and donations. We donate regularly to organizations that aid individuals who have served, or are serving us and our community, such as the Fisher House Foundation and Any Airman.

Contact us today to find out more about our home-grown recipes. We proudly serve customers in San Jose and throughout the state of California.