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Greg T. - North Carolina:  I am concerned – there are no warning labels about “leads to a enjoyable tasty spice addiction” on the Chili Sauce bottle. I opened up the bottle a few days ago to try on my scrambled eggs for breakfast…wow!  Fantastic.  At lunch, I thought how about making some home made red pepper hummus and adding some chili sauce?  incredible!  Then at dinner, while grilling some chicken and made a side dish of black beans, onions, diced tomatoes,and ….what about adding some chili sauce!  Needless to say the days have continued in this manner with chili sauce at every meal.  Seriously! 

Lane G - New Mexico:  Great products and good people. I discovered them at the Fiery Foods Show in Albuquerque and I am hooked on their sauces!

Monika S. - California:  5 pepper blend...my new favorite hot sauce! Excellent flavor and right amount of heat!

Damon M. - Mississippi:  Such a good product. Highly recommend! You can't go wrong.